Wednesday, 17 October 2012


If you love guinea pigs you've come to the right place!

I have loved guinea pigs ever since I was a little girl and bought 2 guinea pigs 2 years ago from a pet shop as I realised I just couldn't live without them!  I have always thought there were just three types of guinea pig; short haired, long haired and Abyssinian.  Last year I met a Swiss guinea pig and found out there were so many other types of piggie out there - LOL!

I now have 1 short haired, 1 Long haired Coronet, 1 Abyssinian, 3 Teddy and 1 Swiss guinea pig and I just love them!  I decided to set this blog page up to share my beautiful piggies with everyone and to have a base to show my baby piggies to anyone interested in owning a piggie.

Please click on the tabs above to view more pages of my blog, including pictures of my piggies and available piggies.


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